Passive income is a darling for all. Whether you are a full-time employee or entrepreneur, earning an extra coin is always a cool idea. Who would hate earning while asleep or on holiday without putting extra efforts? Also, how would it feel if you are paid over and over for a job you only did once?

With a passive income source, you will not be pushing for the next promotion opportunity or spend your time searching for a well-paying job. However, not all so-called passive income opportunity is legit. You should be careful, or you can easily fall into the hands of online fraudsters. To help you out, this article presents three passive income business ideas/opportunities that you can implement even with a fulltime commitment. Here they are:

Selling e-books online

Are you a specialist in a particular niche or have adequate knowledge on how to do a specific thing? With the advancement of technology, people are searching for content or books they can read to help them solve various issues. For this reason, you can write an e-book on your area of expertise and start selling it online.

For instance, if you are a guru in social media marketing you can develop some lessons and turn them into an e-book. After this, you can upload your e-book on online selling platforms such as Amazon. Anyone in need of that book will just purchase it at their convenient time.

Offering affiliate marketing

Do you have a niche website with high traffic and quality content? If yes, you can turn to affiliate marketing as sources of passive income. All you need to do is to identify a service or a product provider in your niche and refer your visitors to their site for a commission. However, you need to ensure that the product or services you recommend to your site visitors are of the same standard with your content. Remember, even though you are looking for an opportunity to earn an extra coin, you need to guard your online reputation and credibility.

Start selling photos online

With the increasing urge for online presence, individuals and business are in a race of launching new websites. Also, the number of bloggers is growing each fortnight. With this, the demand for photos is on the rise. As such, venturing on online photo selling is a good business idea to earn you a passive income.

With the above information, you do not have a reason for missing out on the passive income bandwagon. Venturing into one of the above business ideas is a good way to start off a new extra income stream.


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