Are you struggling with finding a business idea? Why not try selling e-books online. According to information from Statista, revenue from e-book sales will hit 20billion in 2018. Also, the statistics show that at least 20% of book warmers are now turning to e-books. Notably, in case you own a website, e-books is one way of providing premium content to your audience.

In case they need additional information than what you have provided to them on the website, they can purchase an e-book either from your website or on other platforms such as Amazon and eBay. But why should you invest in selling e-books? Here are three reasons:

a.        It is a way of establishing yourself as an expert in your niche

Creating trust and credibility of your audience is a challenge facing every webpreneur or blogger. For you to stand out and to become a respected online influencer, you need to provide authoritative information to readers and site visitors. As such, you have to go an extra mile ahead of your fellow bloggers and website owners.

Writing an e-book and offering it for sale is one way of establishing yourself as an expert in your niche. Offering an e-book enhances your online credibility while creating a stream for earning extra coin in your pocket.

b.       People prefer e-books to the ordinary books

As you know, e-books are easy to carry and read. All you need is a smartphone with enough memory. You can install any number of e-books. You do not have to use extra cost for purchasing a bag or pulse. For this reason, people are embracing e-books and shunning away from the soft copy version. Hence, selling e-books is one way of facilitating the transformation process which in turn is an opportunity for earning an income.

c.         A way to new business opportunity

As stated earlier, e-books establish you as an expert on a particular niche. In this essence, by selling self-published e-books that are well-researched, you can secure an opportunity for new offers. Mainly, if you are a blogger, e-books can be openers to winning offers from authoritative sites.

Organizations are in need of people to provide high-quality content. Hence, writing authoritative and niche-based e-books can be a great business opportunity for you. Also, selling self-published e-books bring you more connections.


As seen, selling e-books online is a business idea with great potential.  It can pave the way for new business opportunities, establish you as an expert in your niche, and help you to facilitate the audience urge of shunning softcopy books to e-books. Selling e-books online is the trend that is riding high. Launching an e-book business can be lucrative.