Are you aspiring to become a renowned entrepreneur? The first step on this journey is coming up with a unique business idea. However, idea generation is not always a walk in the park. For a large number of people, it is a time consuming and tiresome affair.

As you may be aware businesses, do not start from a vacuum. Rather they are born with a unique idea. Hence, if you do not come up with a good idea, you might invest your resources in crappy ventures that will result in losses and regrets. Here are three ways that you can utilize and come up with a billion worth business idea:


One way of developing a unique idea is through brainstorming. Brainstorming involves an intensive process of creative thinking with the aim of finding a solution to a particular problem. Here you design a session where the participants give their thought on how a problem can be solved.

Remember, entrepreneurs use their brainstorming and imagination techniques to develop new products and services that change people’s lives.  Think of the unmet needs in the market and ways you can come up with a solution to them. Importantly, getting your brains on the working is the best-known way of coming up with a great idea.


Aha… what do you mean? Do you use Meditation as a way of generating business ideas? Surprised?  If you didn’t know minds work best when they are free from the daily stress and thoughts. Meditation offers you an opportunity to clear out your mind through having a quiet time. The quiet time enables you to tune your mind on the future or think of ways to solve a particular issue. From meditation, an idea can come to your mind which can later become a business empire. So, you should set aside some time to meditate each day or week.

Taking an adventure walk/travel

Did you know the famous Disney World was an idea that came up during a family vacation in England? The idea of creating the Disney World came up when Walt Disney and his family were on vacation in amusement in Britain. Taking adventure travel and walk, offer your mind a chance to relax. As you know, a fresh mind has a high creative ability. Also, during such travel, you can come across various features that will inspire you or install a new idea in your mind.

The above information is invaluable in helping you to come up with a unique business idea.

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